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Judith Liu, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Owner of Eclectic Balance

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My Story

Judith (Judy) is passionate about all issues related to animal welfare. Judy volunteers with local rescues as a volunteer for transport, fostering and animal crisis deployment over the years. Judy describes herself as passionate and loves helping those within the field to combat compassion fatigue.

Judy has also spent several years within the real estate profession, specifically in finance. After returning to the field of social work she was able to apply years of experience within the field of finance into specialized financial therapy within her clinical practice today.

Judy had also been working with Veterans and their families for over 10 yrs. Judy continues to work with a local community organization as a peer and case manager helping Veterans and their families. Judy’s personal family history makes this population special to her.

Judith lives with her 2 Boston Terriers and a cat. Ruby, is a therapy dog, a rescue and one of Judy’s foster “failures”.

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