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Carmel (Mel) Buckingham, MHC-I

Mental Health Counselor - Intern

Office Location: Fairfield, CT

About me...

I am a driven therapist in training committed to creating a safe and compassionate space for personal growth and healing. My journey began at the University of Central Florida, where I pursued dual degrees in Psychology and English, weaving together the threads of human emotion and storytelling. Currently, I am further honing my skills at Northwestern University, pursuing a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Why should someone choose to work with me?

Choosing to pursue therapy is a deeply personal decision, and I understand the importance of finding a guide who resonates with your journey. I take an integrative and eclectic approach, adapting my approach to meet you where you are. Whether it's through cognitive strategies, creative expression, or dialectical behavioral therapy, I believe in the importance of tailoring our sessions to address your unique challenges. Drawing from my experience in working with eating disorders and dialectical behavioral therapy, I'm here to collaborate with you on a path towards holistic wellness. My cross-cultural experiences living abroad have nurtured my open-mindedness and understanding, enabling me to connect genuinely with people from diverse backgrounds. My background in English has also strengthened my integration of narrative therapy into my approach.

My education has equipped me with the latest ideas and practices that are backed by evidence, which means I can offer new and creative methods to help with whatever you're facing.  I'm flexible with time, and we'll have plenty of opportunities for deep conversations and personalized strategies that suit you best. And because I'm still in training, my services are more affordable compared to therapists who are fully licensed.  I've also received training in understanding different cultures and perspectives, which allows me the ability to approach your worries with care and an open mind. My goal is to create a safe and welcoming space where everyone, no matter where they come from, can feel comfortable and understood.

The things I enjoy...

Animals hold a special place in my heart, and I've spent time volunteering at the Humane Society, working with the cats in particular. I have two rescue cats of my own, Waverly and Walter. In my free time, I enjoy writing music and crafting.







Mentorship and Supervision Process:

 Interns are closely supervised and guided by experienced licensed therapists, ensuring that you benefit from a combined wealth of knowledge and expertise. This dual perspective enhances the quality of care that you receive.

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