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Cynophobia (Fear of Dogs)

Who is at risk of cynophobia?

This disorder commonly affects children, but people of all ages can develop cynophobia. Cynophobia is widespread among people with autism and sensory or intellectual differences. You’re more likely to have cynophobia if you have:

What causes cynophobia?

Providers think that phobias result from a mix of genetics, personal history, and environmental factors. People who have anxiety disorders or mental illnesses are more likely to develop a phobia. They may be more vulnerable to developing cynophobia if they have a scary experience with a dog or another animal.

What are the triggers of cynophobia?

People with this disorder don’t necessarily need to come into contact with a dog to have severe anxiety.

Triggers of cynophobia include:

  • Seeing a dog, even if the dog is on a leash or in an enclosure.Hearing a dog bark or growl.

  • Seeing a picture or watching a movie containing a dog.

  • Thinking about a dog or thinking about going someplace where a dog might be.

What are the symptoms of cynophobia?

People with this phobia experience extreme anxiety, fear, and panic attacks when they think about or see a dog. They feel as if they’re in danger.

Signs of cynophobia include:

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