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Ninette Sanchez-Echi 

Clinical Intern

About me...

I am deeply committed to helping individuals at whatever point they are in their life journey. I emphasize a holistic approach, focusing on the entire family system to ensure each component thrives, culminating in a harmonious and optimal functioning unit. I hold the perspective that our early environment and interactions play a significant role in shaping our worldviews and influencing our life experiences, both positive and negative.

My dedication to the fields of human services and education spans over 25 years. I have extensive experience in residential and group home settings, foster care, and Child Protective Services (CPS). I am particularly passionate about supporting adolescents. I firmly believe that unresolved issues from our youth can manifest in adults, perpetuating cycles of family challenges. Breaking this cycle requires courage, resilience, and the right guidance. As a therapist, I pride myself on thinking creatively and joining my clients in their healing process.

My therapeutic style is anchored in a non-judgmental approach, providing a welcoming and secure environment for individuals to focus on their therapeutic goals. One of my primary objectives is to guide and support individuals in their healing, ensuring they cultivate relationships based on love and understanding rather than transferring past pains onto others.

Six years ago, I had the distinct privilege to collaborate with a respected Rabbi in the Orthodox Jewish Community, a journey that led me to be featured in Ami magazine.

Why should someone choose to work with me?  

I offer an Innovative Approach. I introduce modern perspectives to our collaborative efforts. Equipped with the newest theoretical knowledge and evidence-based methodologies, I offer cutting-edge strategies to address your unique challenges. My Tailored Attention allows me to prioritize personalized solutions, ensuring our sessions are thorough and aligned with your needs. My flexible schedule also means more availability for in-depth conversations and custom interventions that resonate best with you. As an intern, it allows me to deliver quality care at an accessible price point compared to fully licensed professionals.


My Commitment and Passion as a student are present in my dedication to my profession, which means that when you're my client, you get 100% of my commitment. This translates to steadfast support throughout our journey together. My Cultural Sensitivity adds a strong foundation in cultural competence and diversity training. I'm equipped and supported in handling your concerns with the utmost care, empathy, and open-mindedness. I take pride in fostering an environment where clients from all walks of life feel welcomed and understood. 

The Mentorship and Supervision Process: Interns are closely supervised and guided by experienced licensed therapists, ensuring you benefit from a combined wealth of knowledge and expertise. This dual perspective enhances the quality of care that you receive.

My Approach & Specialties

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