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Kristal Rivera, LMSW

  • Licensed Master Social Worker

  • Bilingual: Spanish

About me...

I am proficient in both English and Spanish languages. With 6 years of experience across various agencies, working with diverse populations. This  journey has taught me that life's upheavals and traumas can sever our connection with our mind, body, or spirit, leaving us adrift in feelings of loss, depression, and anxiety.  In such moments, the support of individuals equipped with specialized skills becomes invaluable, guiding us back to self-discovery and enabling us to embody our true selves. 


My objective as a therapist is to act as a companion through these challenging life episodes that disrupt your wellbeing. Equipping you with personalized techniques, I aim to help you rediscover the harmony between your mind, body, and spirit. So that when our time together ends, you are self – sufficient in using your own set of tools to get you to that self-actualization no matter what life brings you.   My approach draws from various sources, including somatic therapies like yoga and sound healing. My role is to remind you that your inner strength is your greatest asset.  

I graduated with a Master’s degree in Social Work from Springfield College School of Social Work and have 6 + years of experience in the field.

Why you should you work with me?

I am a personable, driven Latina with an interest in reconnecting individuals to their true essence. I believe that everything has an impact on our mental health. Including but not limited to our social circle, spirituality, culture, careers, and environment. I strongly believe in helping individuals reach their full potential using the holistic psychotherapy approach. I have the understanding that mental health looks different for everybody. I prefer to get to know the individual and, as a team, discuss and identify the best evidence-based practice to use in our sessions.

Since I use a holistic approach in therapy, I focus on modalities such as integrative therapy, somatic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, humanistic therapy, and group therapy. I have worked in settings such as domestic violence shelters, advanced recovery institutes, agencies for neglected children, and skilled nursing facilities.

As we move through our sessions, we will learn from one another while helping us enhance our minds, body, and spirit in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

The things I enjoy...

I am a nature enthusiast with a good sense of humor. I enjoy connecting to all of nature’s elements and using those wonderful resources in my everyday life. I love to hike and travel. I enjoy learning about the traditional aspects of people’s cultures. Traditional dances, foods, history, music. It brings me great pleasure to learn about the things that make us all so
unique yet keep us united.

My Approach & Specialties

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